6 Resources for Getting Started With Arbitrum

Arbitrum Logo

Arbitrum has gone live just under a month ago, and there’s already been a few significant waves of adoption.

However, there’s a lot of things going on in this space, and it can be difficult to efficiently keep up with everything that’s happening.

This post will explore some resources you can take advantage of to gain a clearer understanding of this exciting new world.

1. Defi Llama

If you’re not yet familiar with Defi Llama, it’s an analytics platform for tracking protocol adoption across chains, among other things.

One the home page, you can select “Arbitrum” from the list of chains and see protocols ranked by TVL.

This can give you a good idea of what protocols are the most popular, and the “1d change” column can help you discover up-and-coming projects that are growing fast.

2. Arbitrum One Portal

The team behind Arbitrum, Offchain Labs, provides a portal where you can explore a few curated protocols available on Arbitrum.

This portal tends to feature more established protocols, so it can be a good starting point if you’re just dipping your toe in the ecosystem and want to experiment a bit.

3. L2Beat

L2Beat is a fantastic website for monitoring total TVL across various Layer 2 solutions.

The site maintains a page dedicated to Arbitrum, which is important to check so you can monitor incoming users, which tend to arrive in waves.

4. RugDoc

RugDoc is another neat site designed to help protect you from scams and rug pulls, which have been especially rampant in Arbitrum these past few weeks.

RugDoc’s Arbitrum page features some bullet points on various yield farms that are either newly released or releasing soon.

While not 100% foolproof, this site can help you determine whether liquidity is locked, whether there are some sneaky transaction fees, and things like that.

5. Arbiscan

Arbiscan is Arbitrum’s most popular blockchain explorer. It’s maintained by the team behind Etherscan.

You can use it to view wallets, track transactions, view network analytics, and more.

The site does have some serious bugs as of writing this, however.

6. Arbucks

Lastly, Arbucks is a great place to track the assets in your wallet(s), check token prices, browse liquidity pools, and more.

It’s an all-in-one platform for Arbiturm charts and analytics, with a focus on tokens and trading.


That’s all for today’s post!

Thanks for reading until the end, and we wish you the best of luck, no matter where you are on your Arbitrum journey.