Arbucks Docs

Welcome to the official Arbucks docs!

This details all the important information about the project.

What is Arbucks?

Here’s the elevator pitch:

  • Arbucks is an open-source, product-first, and community-led Arbitrum project.

  • This web app is for Arbitrum charting, analytics, and other information. Many more features are in the works!

  • The ultimate goal for this site to be a focal point of the Arbitrum ecosystem, offering unbiased and real-time token information, pool lists, network analytics, Arbitrum tutorials, and more.

Why does Arbucks exist?

Its creation was motivated by a few elements of the other existing Arbitrum charting solutions:

  • None supported most (let alone all) token pairs.

  • Many were lacking various key features, from chart manipulation to stablecoin-adjusted prices.

  • None were open-source, and they all of them relied on a centralized, closed-source back-end server.

How can I use it?

You can browse live tokens and pools, but you can search for a token using the search box.

If the token exists, you can select it and browse assorted metrics including the price chart, recent transactions, and 24-hour volume.

There’s also a portfolio where you can track your Arbitrum-based digital assets in real-time, and tons of other features on the way.

Have fun! And if you’re confused about anything, just drop us a line on Telegram!