A fixed-supply, Arbitrum-native "blue chip" utility token.

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  • Fixed supply of 100,000,000 (100M) $BUCK tokens
  • Vested liquidity raised by a flash presale
  • No transaction taxes

For more details on tokenomics, see our documentation page.


The utility of holding $BUCK tokens is currently threefold:

1. Arbazaar (WIP)

Arbazaar is a WIP Arbitrum-native NFT marketplace.

$BUCK holders will be able to mint NFTs and list collections.

2. Arbucks Pro Membership (Coming Soon)

Arbucks Pro will provide premium features on this site.

It can be unlocked by staking BUCK-WETH LP tokens.

More information will be released shortly.

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog!

3. $BUCK Farming (Coming Soon)

Soon, holders will be able to stake their $BUCK tokens.

$BUCK is a non-inflationary and fixed-supply token.

Therefore, a new, separate, & TBA token will be farmed.

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