The Arbucks token had a presale at 8:30 P.M. UTC on Saturday, Septermber 11, 2021 and launched on Sushiswap at 10:00 P.M. UTC that same day.

The token address is: 0xAFD871f684F21Ab9D7137608C71808f83D75e6fc.

Trade on Sushiswap

General tokenomics

Supply details

The Arbucks token is not native to the Ethereum mainnet, though it can be bridged over. Instead, it is native to Arbitrum.

There are 100,000,000 (100M) Arbucks tokens, and that supply is fixed, meaning no more Arbucks tokens can be minted in the future.

However, tokens can still be burned or sent to inactive wallets, effectively removing them from the circulating supply.

Intrinsic value

Currently, we’re still figuring out how much intrinsic utility we can tie to the coin without running into issues with American securities laws.

Ideally, each token would carry advertising revenue, but for now, tokens can just be used for governance in the DAO, which is being formed.

Transaction taxes

There are no transaction taxes of any kind.

Initial distribution

  • 72.42%: Presale
    • 50%: Presale hardcap
    • 20%: Sushiswap listing
    • 2.42% DxSale Insurance + Platform Fee
  • 17.58%: Developer wallet
  • 8%: DAO treasury wallet
    • 5%: Treasury
    • 3%: Marketing
  • 2%: Advisors
    • 1.8%: TBD
    • 0.2%: Anthony Acevedo (founder, ArbiCalls)

The 8% DAO treasury allocation has since been burned upon the cancellation of ArbiDAO.

Initial governance

The developer wallet, deployer wallet, and DAO treasury wallet are actually all the same wallet: 0xA3b113Fba39133b7a9D544A45713A296945fF7B4.

However, what was once planned to be the DAO treasury has been burned (sent to a dead wallet).

This wallet is currently controlled by the developer.

Almost 90% of the developer wallet was vested for about a month:

View Locker on dxSale

The vesting period for these tokens has since expired.

Presale details

  • 3 ETH softcap, 5 ETH hardcap

  • 10,000,000 (10M) BUCK per 1 ETH

  • 0.1 ETH minimum contribution, 0.3 ETH maxmimum contribution

  • 100% immediately locked in initial Sushi LP

  • 1 month cliff

The vesting period for presalers has since expired.

Trading pairs

The token symbol is “BUCK”.

The initial trading pair is BUCK / ETH.

Future pairs are likely to be created, including Uniswap V3 pairs.

The pair’s debut was on Sushiswap at 4,000,000 (4M) BUCK per 1 ETH.

Charts and analytics

Charts will be available on this very platform, as you’d expect!

Important disclaimer

Please be careful! Don’t be rushed or pressured into buying.

If there’s someone trying to shill you hard on the token, they are not affiliated with the project’s developer, and are likely just be trying to “pump their bags”.

Please use discretion and don’t buy more than what you can afford to lose!

This token should not be considered as a security.

Nothing on this page constitutes financial, investment, or legal advice.