Arbucks is a competitively transparent project.

Source code

First of all, the source code is all available on GitHub.

The code is MIT-licensed. You can download and run it on your own computer or server.


Furthermore, you are more than welcome to submit a pull request to the repository.

You can always fork the project yourself if your pull request gets modified, denied, or ignored.

Website analytics

This site uses a very privacy-friendly analytics solution called Simple Analytics.

Furthermore, the website analytics for are completely public.

You can view the live dashboard by clicking the button below:

If that button doesn’t work or isn’t appearing for you, try this link instead.

This analytics solution was installed in the first place simply for the purpose of tracking trending trading pairs.

Serverless-first design

This app’s censorship-resistant is echoed in its serverless-first design.

As of writing this, there are no other public Arbitrum charting and analytics services that do not have a single, centralized back-end server that the whole app relies on.

In fact, most aren’t even partially open-source.

The point is, Arbucks doesn’t require you to spin up a server that can easily be destroyed, shut down, or hacked.

You can run just the app locally or deploy it to any old static site deployment service such as Vercel, Netlify, or Surge - just to name a few., which is a mirror of (which is synced with the GitHub repository) runs on Cloudflare Pages for optimal performance.

DNS records

The DNS records and nameservers for this site are publicly viewable via multiple online lookup services.

WHOIS information

There’s also many websites you can use to check the WHOIS information for this site.


Regarding transparency surrounding the Arbucks token, the deployer wallet address and developer wallet address are both public.

Anyone can track transactions flowing through them using an Arbitrum-enabled blockchain explorer (such as Arbiscan).